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Supporters of the Akron Blind Center can honor a friend or loved one by making a donation, which can serve as a special gift or support ongoing programming. Additionally, family or foundations can designate the center as the recipient of donations in lieu of flowers, ensuring the continuation of their services.

Supporters of the Akron Blind Center can make a donation to honor a friend or loved one, serve as a special gift and/or support ongoing programming. Family or foundations can also designate the Akron Blind Center as the recipient of donations or a trust in lieu of (instead of) flowers being sent upon the passing of a friend or family member. We would be honored to work with you to make individual arrangements for a special or sensitive situation for someone special (call 330-253-2555 extension 303 and speak with the Director).

You may designate a donation to be applied to a specific program, like youth programming, crafting (e.g. the hat donation program), adaptive technology, fundraising, adult education classes or awareness and outreach programming. Your contribution will directly benefit local and unique programming otherwise not offered, and ensure the continuation of our services.

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We have another exciting way you can help us by donating a vehicle, which is then auctioned and the Akron Blind Center gets 90% of what is earned, minus 10% for transportation of the vehicle, auctioning and processing fees. You can then write it off to the fullest extent possible. This is another way that helping us benefits you.