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The Akron Blind Center, Inc., is a membership-based non-profit organization begun in 1913 and Incorporated in 1948 to serve the visually challenged communities, with fully sighted volunteers, to all levels of vision loss. We also provide resources, programs, services and classes for Summit and surrounding counties.

We provide a sense of family, belonging, purpose, hope, empowerment and accomplishment to like-challenged members, in a safe and fun learning and social environment. We are always accepting new members and volunteers, no matter what level of vision.

BBB Seal
We are proud to have earned the Better Business Bureau Charitable Alliance seal, which is their highest honor, having met 20 of 20 stringent standards (rare nationally). This means the public can be assured we are good caretakers of donations and spending.

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I like learning while socializing with other people with similar challenges. I appreciate what the Center does for me and it keeps me busy and involved. It gives me purpose and lets me know I am important to the organization. I have learned a lot about safety and about how organizations function.