Classes at the Akron Blind Center

Due to COVID, we are not currently conducting classes in our facility. We will resume classes in person as soon as we safely can. We are currently holding classes on a live phone conferencing system, which is shared with our members.

Below is a list of classes we have held at the Center, so you can get an idea of the variety we have provided. Note that classes are offered according to the availability of class leaders, time availability, and interest of members to continue offering specific classes. 

Braille Instruction: Learn the basics or polish your skills together

Card Making Class: Learn how to make high-quality textured greeting/holiday cards

Sewing Class: Instructors guide participants to make totes, blankets, cell carriers and more

Beading: Make necklaces, bracelets, decorations and more

Technology Assistance: Learn how to use cell phones, apps and other devices

Computer Training: Learn how to keyboard and navigate computer use using an audible program

Book Club: Audibly share and discuss books

History: Learn about history and historical events that shaped us and our country

Hat Knitting: Get assistance in making hats on a circular loom  

Crafting (Copper Tooling): make frameable thin metal sheet impressions which are tactile

Singing Class: Improve your singing together, or just make joyous noise

Leather Crafting: Make wallets, purses, keychains and other crafts from leather

Music/ Bell Choir: Learn the art of bell-ringing music. Our class has performed at events in the past

Self-guided Meditation/ Yoga: a focused guided control and relaxation program

Sitter-cize (Seated Exercise) Gentle seated exercises are a great way to increase range, endurance, strength and reduce tension

Kicking It (Talking About It): an informal unscripted opportunity to chat about what comes to mind 

Words to Live by (Inspiration/ Spirituality): The Scriptures are discussed, and thoughts shared

Wellness Topics: Health, well-being and improvement topics are discussed

Focus/ Support Group: Take an emotional and spiritual journey in a safe group setting

Candle Making Class: Learn how to make scented candles that you can give as gifts or keep for
your home.

Cooking Class:
Learn basic kitchen and kitchen utensil safety, including how to successfully navigate
your kitchen and cook basic items with having a visual challenge. Instructor was a
Master Chef and will also introduce you to simple but delicious 3 ingredient
recipes you can easily make on your own.

Canes and Canines:
Learn basic white cane tips and use and how a white cane can help you navigate the world
around you. Also in this class, learn the benefits of having a guide dog and basic guide dog training tips. This class is also for sighted individuals to teach proper etiquette when interacting with a person who has visual challenges and a person who uses a guide dog.

The class schedule can change suddenly for different reasons. This list is not a guarantee of current offerings.