I am blind and inspired by others here. I enjoy learning and being with others with similar challenges. We as the blind can give back and contribute.


The Center gave me hope, encouragement and my life back. It allowed me to pay it forward as a teacher and mentor to others. I hope to give inspiration and encouragement to others.


The people here are truly remarkable. They overcome so much and show how patience and persistence can win the day. The next time you think you are having a tough day, take away your vision (and with it transportation, visual judgement and convenience) and think what you would do.


I like learning while socializing with other people with similar challenges. I appreciate what the Center does for me and it keeps me busy and involved. It gives me purpose and lets me know I am important to the organization. I have learned a lot about safety and about how organizations function.


The Center is critical to me. It is important to take advantage of the classes available and have fun with friends. I take every opportunity to promote the Center and contribute to help others.


I have developed wonderful friendships here that have helped me through hard times. I consider this a home away from home. You should help whatever you can because it is important to the Center, and the Center is very important to us.