The Summit County Society of the Blind was founded in 1913 by individuals who were blind to give support to those who were basically shut-ins. The Society began its primary mission to meet the needs of persons with vision loss.

We became incorporated in 1948 as the Akron Blind Center and Workshop, later becoming the Akron Blind Center, Inc. The Akron Blind Center was established to promote education, outreach, social and recreational activities, as well as to support the independence of people who are blind and legally blind in Summit and adjoining counties.

Membership is now over 100 members, and we are seeking to expand our reach and serve more amazing people, all the while educating the public of these champions of overcoming adversity. Classes are offered the three middle days each week (Wednesdays only in January and February) with a social day each Wednesday.

We are excited to offer mentor programs for younger or recently transitioning sight loss adults. We partner you with an “experienced” individual who can offer valuable insights and information, as well as encouragement to a scary and lonely experience.

Within the Akron Blind Center is a small store that offers aids and devices to both members and the public. These items include magnifiers, talking products such as watches, alarm clocks, etc. as well as a wide variety of other items too numerous to mention which help the visually impaired with everyday activities.

The Center is not state or federally funded and operates almost entirely by trusts and donations from individuals and the foundations. Should you wish to donate to our organization, we thank you in advance for your kind and generous consideration, and assure you your donation will be put directly to local programming.

We are very proud of our members and their continued dedication to the goals of this Center. It takes courage and commitment to do what these incredible people do, and welcome you to join us.