The Society of the Blind was founded in 1913 by individuals who were blind and was established to give support to those who were basically shut-ins. The Society began its primary mission to meet the needs of persons with severe vision loss as they related to the issues of the times.

Since its inception and during the last three decades, the school that is incorporated within the Center has expanded with its membership reaching to approximately 100 members and students. Classes are offered three days a week with a social day mid-week. Fund raising activities are an important part of the annual calendar of events. The White Cane Walk is the largest fund raising event that the membership and the community associate with the Center and the community as a whole.

Within the Akron Blind Center is a small retail store that offers popular aids and small appliances to the members and to the public. These items include magnifiers and talking items such as watches, alarm clocks, etc. as well as writing implements to help the visually impaired with everyday activities.

The Center also functions as a local agency for the Library of Congress Talking Book Program. Recently, the Akron Blind Center, in conjunction with the Akron Canton Regional Food Bank, has begun distributing food items to those members who qualify for the program. The program offers a wide variety of food to supplement the needs of each member based on income and family size. There is no cost to the members of the Center.

The Center is operated almost entirely by Donations from individuals and the business community. Due to the economic climate of this area and the country in general, grant funding has become increasingly scarce. We rely also on the generosity of a few trusts that we are part beneficiaries of but only if the investments of these trusts yield income. We then receive a percentage of that income on an annual basis. That “potential” income and donations are the driving force behind the funding of this organization. Should you wish to donate to our organization, we thank you in advance for your kind and generous consideration.

We are very proud of our members and their continued dedication to the goals of this Center.


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