ABC Store

The Akron Blind Center Retail Store


Talking Watches:

Price depends on Face and Band Construction: $12.00 – $35.00

Talking Clocks:

$15.00 – $40.00

Hand Held Magnifiers:

Price depends on Magnification Strength
And Illumination/Non-Illumination: $10.00 – $200.00

White Canes w/standard tip collapsible:


Cane tips – Mushroom, Swivel, tri-pod:

$8.00 – $20.00

We also carry various household items including Kitchen Timers, Sewing items, Bump Dots, Writing paper, and 20/20 pens.

The store is currently open on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please call ahead at 330-253-2555 to check the availability of any product you may need. We are more than happy to order any item you wish to purchase.